Cuck for My feet………


Listen, sweetie. I know you love being under My desk while I work, and you adore being able to spend time with My feet… we’ve been together for such a long time, and you know I love you, but I’m going crazy. I need to go out and get some dick from a REAL man, not some pathetic little foot subby. I met this guy online, and we’re going to meet up… hopefully none of your friends will see us together! But don’t worry, I’ll come home like I always do. And you’ll let it go because you are so weak and helpless for My perfect feet…

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Hello puppies.
I’ve got some exciting news for you — My fiance decided to be awesome and edit a TON of My videos this past week. As a result of his hard work, I’ve got a ton of amazing, never before seen content that’s scheduled to go up all throughout September, October, and into November. In addition, I’ll be filming new content over the coming weeks, and taking custom requests. I am visiting My AWESOME, babelicious Domme sister Queen Kitty next week, and will be taking customs with Her as well. I don’t see Her often so NOW is your chance!

Head on over to My NEW IWantClips page for all of the updates, which have already begun posting!! I’m so excited to share some of this awesome, hot content with you. It’s all been sitting on My hard drive collecting dust since I hate video editing so much. Everyone thank Alpha for being awesome and getting it done! ^.^ !!