Greetings, peasants!

Hello little would-be minions. you have found the shrine; the temple, dedicated to MY AWESOMENESS. Perhaps you’ve seen Me on various different websites, or maybe you were even lucky enough to witness My beauty in real life. Perhaps you do not yet know of Me (how sad indeed), and you were merely looking for a worthy, spoiled Princess to hand your hard-earned paycheck over to, since your own life lacks meaning – and you wish to provide for a beautiful Goddess. Maybe you are just a poor pathetic little pervert, with all sorts of twisted little desires that you feel ashamed of and don’t know how to handle. So, you’ve come to gawk at pictures and be envious that you are not the pathetic little slave underneath My feet.

I have been dominating pathetic little boys like you for quite some time. I take pleasure in laughing at you, forcing you to give Me your cash, and making you clean My bathroom floor while wearing a pretty little maid’s outfit.

On this site I have been kind enough to give your pathetic little self, a taste of what My world is like. While I prefer to be served in person, I do have a bit of room in My Palace for more mindless little drones and worker bees such as yourself. I share Myself with you, therefore you should feel obligated to return the favor, now shouldn’t you? Send Me an email at and humbly offer yourself to Me!!