boys are toys

Yesterday evening, I had one of My subjects pick Me up from work (yes, I do have a day job, morons – I’m not some lazy fuck) and give Me a nice, long foot rub. After 8 hours of being on My dainty little feet, I sorely needed it.

Of course, as this particular bitch is prone to do, he got all hot and bothered by My beautiful feet and cute little toes, and soon had an erection, which I disapproved of. He sheepishly looked down at his pants and said, “It’s big again…..”

I sneered at him and proceeded to give him a nice sharp kick to his balls. He winced and said “ow…”, but that wasn’t nearly enough. I kicked him in the balls a few more times, with much more strength before he finally keeled over from the pain. “I’m sorry!” he exclaimed. I told him to keep rubbing My feet, and where they were still hurting. When I felt better, I slid My shoes back into My sneakers and we headed back to My Palace. (Since this slave’s apartment was on the way home, W/we had stopped there so I could get My foot rub immediately after work.)

There was something else I needed Ari for, some minor unpleasantness that I was dreading returning home to. Earlier in the day, I made the discovery, that My cat, Damien, had killed his first mouse. I hadn’t noticed this immediately – I had first seen what I thought were some stray feathers he had pulled from one of his toys, sticking out from underneath his food bowl. So, I had ignored the apparent feathers for a couple of days, but as I reached down that morning to refill Damien’s food bowl, I got a closer look at what it really was. I was completely aghast – the mouse was lying on it’s back, and for some reason it was stuffed underneath the food bowl. I had noticed that Damien had moved the bowl around, but he does that from time to time anyway. For some reason I guess he decided to try and hide the carcass underneath his bowl. Why, I’m not sure, but it was very evident that Damien had been steadily gnawing at his kill – there was dry blood, and parts missing from the body.

While I was proud of My little One for catching and exterminating this intruder, it was also not something I ever desired to see up close. The image of the poor little mouse stuck with Me throughout My entire day at work, and it left Me with a very uneasy feeling.

But, that’s why Goddess put men here for us Women – to take care of such unpleasantries. Ari removed the mouse for Me, while I stayed in the other room. Damien, when he saw what was going on, became upset and rushed over, protesting with angry, cute little meows. He didn’t want us to take away his dead little plaything. It was awfully cute of him, if was able to speak, I’m sure he would have said, “Hey!! What do you think you’re doing!? Leave that there!”

I almost felt bad taking his toy from him….. but obviously it needed to be done. Apparently, it was quite stuck to the food bowl by then (I think it had been there for some days at this point), and Ari had to scrape some of the remains from the bowl, and off the floor. I was particularly glad I wasn’t dealing with it, after realizing how grisly the scene was. After removing the body, he cleaned the floor and the bowl with bleach, and removed the trash from the kitchen.

I sighed, much relieved, and thanked him before dismissing him.

And that, is one of the many occasions that I have been glad to have a stable of slaveboys at My disposal.

This evening I had Cykros bring Me a large coffee from Starbucks, since I have quite a bit of website work ahead of Me. He also brought Me all of the music composition software I requested that he find – so that I can begin to compose again once more. It has been far too long since I wrote any new hatred.

Well, I’ve got tons of work to do. For now, you should go and join My yahoo group/mailing list. There are more photos there, as well as information and orders that I send out from time to time. JOIN IT NOW!