My weekend, and a new image for you to Worship.

Last week I visited one of My favorite shooting locations, a beautiful garden cemetary near Boston.  My grandparents are buried there, and I visit every year. I also shoot there every year, and as soon as I saw the leaves falling this year, I knew it was time to go back.

I had many photos taken and a couple short video clips as well.  I decided to share one of My favorite pictures with you.   I want you to put this photo on your desktop so that you can stare at My loveliness EVERY day.  I must say this picture is amazing and you’d be silly NOT to put it somewhere you can see it at all times!

you’re welcome.  (Even though you don’t deserve it.)

On Friday, I had an amazing fuckin’ getaway – I will save the delicious details of that for another post if you pathetic little bitches are lucky… an awesome new photo AND a steamy hot SEX story is way too much to give you in one post for free, so you’ll have to wait.

Let’s talk about Saturday.   My day started quite well since I was afterglowing from My wonderful evening the night before.   However, later in the evening I had to deal with some major fucking annoyance from one of My collared pets, Cykros.   He was 32 fucking minutes late picking Me up before an important time deadline.  I stood outside pacing around becoming increasingly furious.  LUCKILY it wasn’t completely freezing out, so I wasn’t that cold.

Cykros is either very reliable, or a complete fucking flake – and this was one of his flake days.   When he finally arrived, he looked very nervous as I glared at him before unleashing complete verbal assault.  It’s not hard to be somewhere at an agreed upon time, ESPECIALLY when you have nothing else in your day that you’re doing.

I chastised him on the way back home, and then became silent as I decided what I’d do to him once we got back.  I was seething, so it wasn’t hard to think of a punishment.

As soon as he shut the door behind him, I threw him against the door, making sure to enjoy the stunned expression on his face, right before I kneed him in the nuts as hard as I could.   he promptly crumpled to the ground with an  “ughgh!” sound, and I told him to wait on the fucking floor.

I went upstairs and retrieved My riding crop.   When I got back downstairs he was still curled up on the floor. I instructed him to lay face down.  “Now then.  You were 32 fucking minutes late today.  That means, you’re getting 32 fucking lashings!!  Understand?”

I didn’t wait for him to answer – I pulled his jacket and shirt over his head and began to hit him immediately.  I watched his back turn red with marks instantly as I gave him 8 fast blows.   I paused for a second and then continued on his rear end, using all of My force and anger to beat him.   He let out a few very satisfying yelps which led up to screams.   I got to 16 before pausing for another moment.

“Look at you on the floor crying like a baby.  I’m only halfway done!”  I seethed at him.   I once again told him I didn’t appreciate being left standing on the street by Myself for over a half hour, and there was no excuse for what he’d done.   “You ready for more??”

yes.. yes Mistress…” he gulped after a few moments of silence.

I began to hit him again, this time moving all the way down to his thighs, and he really began to scream then!  hahaha.  It was rather delightful.   Somewhere along the way, the top of the riding crop began to tear away and unravel from the post.  I’d had this crop for quite a number of years and was surprised it was now unraveling as I beat this stupid fucker.

I counted aloud as I finished… “Twenty SIX, twenty seven…twenty eight, twenty nine……..THIRTY,  THIRTY ONE… THIRTY TWO.”

I shoved the broken crop in his face.   “Look what you made me do, I’ve ruined My crop.   you know you’re going to have to buy Me another one now!!”   I threw it at him and instructed him to remain on the floor until I was changed and ready to go back out again.

He sniffled and cried on the floor while I got changed.  When I was ready to leave, I pulled him up by his collar and said, “Let’s go.”

He cried for a good 20 more minutes in the car ride, but at the end of it all, he thanked Me for holding him to “such high standards”.

I expect nothing less from My servants.

If you serve Me, you will do it well.   Understand?

That will be enough story telling for this evening.  I’ll be posting again soon.  I expect you to be completing your assignments of link clicking,  I noticed some of you are slacking,  DO YOUR FUCKING PART!!!

Lovely Weekend

I had an amazing time at the Variant Ball on Saturday.  I donned a beautiful pink latex outfit from head to toe – wearing My big, stompy buckle boots that I love so much.  (I have a huge boot fetish, in case you didn’t know.)  The club was packed to it’s capacity and yours Truly was a shining star, as always.  After such a long day stomping around in those boots (I’d come straight from the annual Boston/NORML Freedom Rally in Boston Common, after doing LOTS of canvasing and awareness spreading of the upcoming ballot vote to decriminalize marijuana possession in Mass) and then parading around on stage,  I didn’t have as much energy to dance as I usually do, but I still jumped up there and Dominated My favorite pole for quite awhile.   A blonde cutie wearing an open leather jacket and nipple tape jumped up on there with Me at one point, and I spanked her with a riding crop in front of hundreds of onlookers.  It was pretty fuckin’ hot, to say the least!

I saw many of My friends, some that I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.  My gorgeous, favorite hottie was there too, and he was all over Me during My few moments out of the spotlight.   ^.^

On Sunday, My feet were quite sore, so Cykros picked Me up from work and gave Me a nice long foot massage.  Carrying 10 extra lbs underneath your feet for 14 hours straight might make them hurt a little bit, huh!?

Yesterday, My feet were STILL sore.   ben, one of My occasional humiliation bitches, met Me on campus with the Starbucks I’d requested, and rubbed My feet until I went off to class.  He had been at the V Ball as well, but he only got the chance to see Me briefly, so he jumped at the chance to see Me last night.

This evening is Boston’s first FOOTNIGHT of the year – and I’m highly anticipating it!  It’s been so long since there’s been a FN here – I really hope to see some familiar faces, but I’m looking forward to meeting new ones as well.  I’m still deciding what to wear – at first I was thinking eveningwear, but now I think I’ll just be pink, comfy, and CUTE, in some tight pink sweatpants and a white tank top.

BY THE WAY – My birthday is coming up next month, in case you weren’t aware!!  I just updated My amazon wishlist a little bit, but I still have some more to add to it ….

Needless to say, I expect HEAVY spoiling from all of you little secret admirers from afar, and wannabe or current servant minions.  🙂     Even if you don’t consider yourself a servant minion, you can still buy Me something to please Me on My special day – and remain completely anonymous if you wish.    However, keep in mind that My more generous givers often receive quite a bit more attention from Me, and My attention isn’t always easy to get!  ^.^

Well now, I’m off to start My day. Don’t forget to complete your assigned tasks today, minions! Hit those VOTE LINKS to keep My website traffic UP, up up!