What a glorious evening and morning I had. A lovely bath, massage, and a truly amazing tongue lashing from a sexxy Alpha hottie. We awoke this morning after a blissful night of sleep in My pink satin sheets. I had orgasm after amazing fuckin’ orgasm before passing out from exhaustion, so I truly slept like a Princess…. complete with handsome Prince beside Me. ^.^
Yes, of course, let Me describe the type of creature that gets to sleep in divine luxury with Me, so your sorry little self can think about how worthless and undesireable you are. My sexy Prince has dark features like Me, long, sexy hair, and a HOT, muscular body. He spends a lot of time at the gym keeping his body looking like that of an ancient Greek God – a perfect match for a beautiful Roman Goddess like Myself.    His strong arms carry Me across the threshold and hold Me up against walls while our tongues mesh together in bliss.
He is smart, driven, and very successful in his profession.   Like Myself, he is in the entertainment industry, and like Myself, he is the object of many an admirer’s desire.
Our chemistry together is amazing, and every time we meet, our passion ignites into an inferno of raw, pure energy and lust.
Perhaps you’re wondering if I dominate and abuse him?  The answer is NO.  He is worthy of My most sacred attention, he is not lowly scum like you, you pathetic fucking FREAK.  He is an ALPHA unlike you; stupid bottom-feeding beta bitch. Poor, sad little worms like you will never be worthy of anything more than physical and emotional torment from Me.   Ahahaha!! TRUTH.

He does worship My heavenly body with his tongue for hours on end, though.  He treats his Goddess the way She deserves.

Now then, I’ll post a couple of pictures I took on My webcam so that I can rub in your face what you’ll never get to have.

– some pics of Me after a workout, enjoying a yummy lollipop.  My tummy’s getting nice and flat  ^.^

Did your little pindick twitch? Drooling over what you can’t have? you’d probably give your soul to be tied up in the closet listening to Us fuck. Pathetic little dweeb.  hahaha.  I might consider it if you pay Me enough. ^.^

Well now, for posting those pictures, I think that you should do as I say and click on these two links to VOTE FOR MY SITE in these ranks:

Foot Fetish and Desire XX

See you later, little sluts n sissies!