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Greetings, minions! I hope you’re all faring well amidst current times and find your addiction to Me as strong as ever ^_^

A quick note about some changes I’m implementing to My web presence – I am currently branching My work into 2 sites. will be focused on My premium content as well as session & tour info. is being made into a “PG” site, focusing on My notable achievements and will serve as more of a place to show off My accolades and upcoming events – as well as a place where the media can contact Me.

I plan to leave this blog intact, to copy any of My news and updates and to leave My blog indexed – however, there will no longer be any real content updates here.

The target audiences for each page are very different – as such, the site you’ll want to follow as a fan is the Queen Lilith site.

I know that most of you are new visitors to My page, and easier access to the content you’re looking for will be beneficial 😉

Of course, the very best places to get all of My frequently updated content are My fan clubs – listed in this entry! Enjoy…

Goddess Lilith

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