I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the influx of TOTAL IDIOTS who have been contacting Me lately.   I fail to understand what the purpose of contacting someone only to FLAKE OUT moments later, really is.  Do you enjoy wasting time, both Mine and yours?   Let Me tell you something, I don’t appreciate stupid fucks WASTING MY TIME.

I am REAL and I don’t need to prove Myself to you.  My websites, reputation in the community, and social media presences are enough proof.  If that’s not enough for you, move along!   Don’t fucking contact Me if you don’t know what you want, either — wait until YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT instead of wasting My fucking time.    Lots of LOSERS have been contacting Me on various different fetish networking sites this week and then simply disappearing after getting a response – OR accusing Me of not being “real”.  This is simply asinine.  Like I said, I don’t need to fucking prove Myself to you.  If you don’t think I’m real, don’t contact Me – very simple.  There is MORE than enough information about Me on the web, much of which is presented right here on this website – or in some of My fellow Domme girlfriends’ videos and photos.

If you say you want to be financially abused but in reality, you work minimum wage and can’t afford to even buy something off My fuckin wishlist, YOU’RE WASTING MY TIME! If you say you want to serve Me but then won’t commit to a realtime meeting, YOU’RE WASTING MY TIME.

I’m finished ranting now, because it’s the weekend and I’m about to go out and enjoy Myself.  However, those things really needed to be addressed.

If there are any GOOD boys reading this that want to please Me instead of irritating Me, go and Join My Yahoo Group. I will be posting a photo of some 8×10’s that I will be signing and selling, and you will buy some to put in your shrine to Me and worship and appreciate daily.  your walls are probably empty and devoid of any inspiration – what better inspiration is there than My beauty, every day?

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