Goddess Lilith Domme Latex

you are expected to visit this page often to remind yourself of your daily tasks as My devoted worshipper.

  • Check My website and social media pages each and EVERY day, and know what is going on in My world. Follow any call to action that is posted.  Worship My photos and videos daily.
  • Think of ways you can please Me during the day. Is there some task you could do for Me? If you’re one of My lucky devoted few and you have been given permission to speak with Me, is there a message you could send to brighten My day, amuse Me in some way, a random cash tribute, or anything else to put that radiant smile on My face today?  Chances are if you do this, I’ll even give some of that attention back to you, if you’ve pleased Me! ^_^
  • Bookmark My Amazon wishlist. Check it every 2-3 weeks, and purchase items from it! I love to be spoiled around holidays (Valentine’s Day, My Birthday-Halloween, and XxXMas), but I also love when packages show up out of the blue. It lets Me know that I am loved and appreciated every day of the year!
  • Favorite and Retweet everything I post on Twitter. If you see a call to action (Me asking for photos of you doing something, or telling you to Vote for Me in a contest, etc) DO it immediately and then thank Me for it.

Speaking of VOTING:  Below, there are links to visit and click on ONCE DAILY. This helps keep My traffic up, and My website more visible, which makes a very happy Princess and Goddess!  If you see My listing falling in rank, that means you need to click MORE!

Click the links below, make sure to click on the verification link that some of them have on the next page, close the window when complete, and then move on to the next one! This is so easy it takes less than 5 minutes – do it every day while thinking to yourself, “This is for Goddess Lilith”.  Bookmark this page and keep it open in a tab on your phone. Click the links while commuting or otherwise not doing anything with your time.  Each and every day…. some, (if not ALL) of your time should be devoted to your Princess!

Traffic Sites:

Baroness Mistress

Best Clips

Brat Girls

Financial Cuties

Luxury Bitch

Money Mistress


Click them all and don’t be afraid to tell Me when you’ve honored Me by doing so. ^.^