Watch a R/T session RIGHT NOW on My webcam

I’m going to subject one of My LOSER PIGS to some torment right now and I thought it’d be fun to turn My public CAM on while I do it. hahaha.
if you’re reading this now, THAT MEANS YOU CAN WATCH,
aren’t I giving you all a special treat tonight!!

click on ALL of My vote links when you are there (open them in a new window to make it easy.) to show your appreciation of what I’m doing for you ~ I WILL check and make sure it’s been done, and it will directly affect My chances of repeating this privilege in the future!!! Go ahead and squeal with delight now, pigs! Enjoy the show!


Hey losers. Today’s your lucky day.

I have now added info on how to get a live webcam session with Me, since a lot of you have been asking.  As many of you know, I’ve been a webcam Goddess for almost a decade, and you have seen and followed My cam site before the creation of this one.

For those of you new to My world, I welcome you and invite you to probe deeper below the surface ~ you’ll soon find just how incredibly fuckin’ AMAZING I am.  ^.^

I am booking cam sessions for next week. Do not hesitate.  My time is limited and if you want a session, you must email Me immediately.

See the “cam sessions” section of the “sessions” page for instructions, FOLLOW THEM, and contact Me once you’re in.  and don’t fuck it up, it’s pretty fuckin simple!

Lovely Weekend

I had an amazing time at the Variant Ball on Saturday.  I donned a beautiful pink latex outfit from head to toe – wearing My big, stompy buckle boots that I love so much.  (I have a huge boot fetish, in case you didn’t know.)  The club was packed to it’s capacity and yours Truly was a shining star, as always.  After such a long day stomping around in those boots (I’d come straight from the annual Boston/NORML Freedom Rally in Boston Common, after doing LOTS of canvasing and awareness spreading of the upcoming ballot vote to decriminalize marijuana possession in Mass) and then parading around on stage,  I didn’t have as much energy to dance as I usually do, but I still jumped up there and Dominated My favorite pole for quite awhile.   A blonde cutie wearing an open leather jacket and nipple tape jumped up on there with Me at one point, and I spanked her with a riding crop in front of hundreds of onlookers.  It was pretty fuckin’ hot, to say the least!

I saw many of My friends, some that I hadn’t seen in quite awhile.  My gorgeous, favorite hottie was there too, and he was all over Me during My few moments out of the spotlight.   ^.^

On Sunday, My feet were quite sore, so Cykros picked Me up from work and gave Me a nice long foot massage.  Carrying 10 extra lbs underneath your feet for 14 hours straight might make them hurt a little bit, huh!?

Yesterday, My feet were STILL sore.   ben, one of My occasional humiliation bitches, met Me on campus with the Starbucks I’d requested, and rubbed My feet until I went off to class.  He had been at the V Ball as well, but he only got the chance to see Me briefly, so he jumped at the chance to see Me last night.

This evening is Boston’s first FOOTNIGHT of the year – and I’m highly anticipating it!  It’s been so long since there’s been a FN here – I really hope to see some familiar faces, but I’m looking forward to meeting new ones as well.  I’m still deciding what to wear – at first I was thinking eveningwear, but now I think I’ll just be pink, comfy, and CUTE, in some tight pink sweatpants and a white tank top.

BY THE WAY – My birthday is coming up next month, in case you weren’t aware!!  I just updated My amazon wishlist a little bit, but I still have some more to add to it ….

Needless to say, I expect HEAVY spoiling from all of you little secret admirers from afar, and wannabe or current servant minions.  🙂     Even if you don’t consider yourself a servant minion, you can still buy Me something to please Me on My special day – and remain completely anonymous if you wish.    However, keep in mind that My more generous givers often receive quite a bit more attention from Me, and My attention isn’t always easy to get!  ^.^

Well now, I’m off to start My day. Don’t forget to complete your assigned tasks today, minions! Hit those VOTE LINKS to keep My website traffic UP, up up!

Come See Me! ^.^

I am pleased to announce that I will be a featured model at not one, but TWO fetish events this month in Boston!

The first, is the annual Variant Ball at Machine nightclub, this Saturday night!   I will be modeling in the fashion show, wearing cyber/latex fashions for some of New England’s hottest up and coming fetish fashion designers!

The next exciting event this month is the return of Boston’s FootNight!!  I can’t put into words how happy I am that this event is back! I have been a Footnight model for several years now, and this is where you can worship Me in person.   If you are interested in attending,  I recommend contacting Me ASAP to find out how to get signed up for this.  It is at a private location to ensure the safety and privacy of all attendants.   This is NEXT TUESDAY.    If you want to come and worship My feet, then email Me directly at :  sadistic.princess.xx (at)

I am extremely excited for both of these events!!  =)


I am becoming increasingly annoyed at the influx of TOTAL IDIOTS who have been contacting Me lately.   I fail to understand what the purpose of contacting someone only to FLAKE OUT moments later, really is.  Do you enjoy wasting time, both Mine and yours?   Let Me tell you something, I don’t appreciate stupid fucks WASTING MY TIME.

I am REAL and I don’t need to prove Myself to you.  My websites, reputation in the community, and social media presences are enough proof.  If that’s not enough for you, move along!   Don’t fucking contact Me if you don’t know what you want, either — wait until YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT instead of wasting My fucking time.    Lots of LOSERS have been contacting Me on various different fetish networking sites this week and then simply disappearing after getting a response – OR accusing Me of not being “real”.  This is simply asinine.  Like I said, I don’t need to fucking prove Myself to you.  If you don’t think I’m real, don’t contact Me – very simple.  There is MORE than enough information about Me on the web, much of which is presented right here on this website – or in some of My fellow Domme girlfriends’ videos and photos.

If you say you want to be financially abused but in reality, you work minimum wage and can’t afford to even buy something off My fuckin wishlist, YOU’RE WASTING MY TIME! If you say you want to serve Me but then won’t commit to a realtime meeting, YOU’RE WASTING MY TIME.

I’m finished ranting now, because it’s the weekend and I’m about to go out and enjoy Myself.  However, those things really needed to be addressed.

If there are any GOOD boys reading this that want to please Me instead of irritating Me, go and Join My Yahoo Group. I will be posting a photo of some 8×10’s that I will be signing and selling, and you will buy some to put in your shrine to Me and worship and appreciate daily.  your walls are probably empty and devoid of any inspiration – what better inspiration is there than My beauty, every day?


What a glorious evening and morning I had. A lovely bath, massage, and a truly amazing tongue lashing from a sexxy fuckin’ hottie. We awoke this morning after a blissful night of sleep in My pink satin sheets. I had orgasm after amazing fuckin’ orgasm before passing out from exhaustion, so I truly slept like a Princess…. complete with handsome Prince beside Me. ^.^
Yes, of course, let Me describe the type of creature that gets to sleep in divine luxury with Me, so your sorry little self can think about how worthless and undesireable you are. My sexy Prince has dark features like Me, long, sexy hair, and a HOT, muscular body. He spends a lot of time at the gym keeping his body looking like that of an ancient Greek God – a perfect match for a beautiful Roman Goddess like Myself.    His strong arms carry Me across the threshold and hold Me up against walls while our tongues mesh together in bliss.
He is smart, driven, and very successful in his profession.   Like Myself, he is in the entertainment industry, and like Myself, he is the object of many an admirer’s desire.
Our chemistry together is amazing, and every time we meet, our passion ignites into an inferno of raw, pure energy and lust.
Perhaps you’re wondering if I dominate and abuse him?  The answer is NO.  He is worthy of My most sacred attention, he is not lowly scum like you, you pathetic fucking FREAK.  He is an ALPHA unlike you; stupid bottom-feeding beta bitch. Poor, sad little worms like you will never be worthy of anything more than physical and emotional trauma from Me.   Ahahaha!! TRUTH.

He does worship My heavenly body with his tongue for hours on end, though.  He treats his Goddess the way She deserves.

Now then, I’ll post a couple of pictures I took on My webcam so that I can rub in your face what you’ll never get to have.

– some pics of Me after a workout, enjoying a yummy lollipop.  My tummy’s getting nice and flat  ^.^

Did your little pindick twitch? Drooling over what you can’t have? you’d probably give your soul to be tied up in the closet listening to Us fuck. Pathetic little dweeb.  hahaha.  I might consider it if you pay Me enough. ^.^

Well now, for posting those pictures, I think that you should do as I say and click on these two links to VOTE FOR MY SITE in these ranks:

Foot Fetish and Desire XX

See you later, little sluts n sissies!

boys are toys

Yesterday evening, I had one of My subjects pick Me up from work (yes, I do have a day job, morons – I’m not some lazy fuck) and give Me a nice, long foot rub. After 8 hours of being on My dainty little feet, I sorely needed it.

Of course, as this particular bitch is prone to do, he got all hot and bothered by My beautiful feet and cute little toes, and soon had an erection, which I disapproved of. He sheepishly looked down at his pants and said, “It’s big again…..”

I sneered at him and proceeded to give him a nice sharp kick to his balls. He winced and said “ow…”, but that wasn’t nearly enough. I kicked him in the balls a few more times, with much more strength before he finally keeled over from the pain. “I’m sorry!” he exclaimed. I told him to keep rubbing My feet, and where they were still hurting. When I felt better, I slid My shoes back into My sneakers and we headed back to My Palace. (Since this slave’s apartment was on the way home, W/we had stopped there so I could get My foot rub immediately after work.)

There was something else I needed Ari for, some minor unpleasantness that I was dreading returning home to. Earlier in the day, I made the discovery, that My cat, Damien, had killed his first mouse. I hadn’t noticed this immediately – I had first seen what I thought were some stray feathers he had pulled from one of his toys, sticking out from underneath his food bowl. So, I had ignored the apparent feathers for a couple of days, but as I reached down that morning to refill Damien’s food bowl, I got a closer look at what it really was. I was completely aghast – the mouse was lying on it’s back, and for some reason it was stuffed underneath the food bowl. I had noticed that Damien had moved the bowl around, but he does that from time to time anyway. For some reason I guess he decided to try and hide the carcass underneath his bowl. Why, I’m not sure, but it was very evident that Damien had been steadily gnawing at his kill – there was dry blood, and parts missing from the body.

While I was proud of My little One for catching and exterminating this intruder, it was also not something I ever desired to see up close. The image of the poor little mouse stuck with Me throughout My entire day at work, and it left Me with a very uneasy feeling.

But, that’s why Goddess put men here for us Women – to take care of such unpleasantries. Ari removed the mouse for Me, while I stayed in the other room. Damien, when he saw what was going on, became upset and rushed over, protesting with angry, cute little meows. He didn’t want us to take away his dead little plaything. It was awfully cute of him, if was able to speak, I’m sure he would have said, “Hey!! What do you think you’re doing!? Leave that there!”

I almost felt bad taking his toy from him….. but obviously it needed to be done. Apparently, it was quite stuck to the food bowl by then (I think it had been there for some days at this point), and Ari had to scrape some of the remains from the bowl, and off the floor. I was particularly glad I wasn’t dealing with it, after realizing how grisly the scene was. After removing the body, he cleaned the floor and the bowl with bleach, and removed the trash from the kitchen.

I sighed, much relieved, and thanked him before dismissing him.

And that, is one of the many occasions that I have been glad to have a stable of slaveboys at My disposal.

This evening I had Cykros bring Me a large coffee from Starbucks, since I have quite a bit of website work ahead of Me. He also brought Me all of the music composition software I requested that he find – so that I can begin to compose again once more. It has been far too long since I wrote any new hatred.

Well, I’ve got tons of work to do. For now, you should go and join My yahoo group/mailing list. There are more photos there, as well as information and orders that I send out from time to time. JOIN IT NOW!

Greetings, peasants!

Hello little would-be minions. you have found the shrine; the temple, dedicated to MY AWESOMENESS. Perhaps you’ve seen Me on various different websites, or maybe you were even lucky enough to witness My beauty in real life. Perhaps you do not yet know of Me (how sad indeed), and you were merely looking for a worthy, spoiled Princess to hand your hard-earned paycheck over to, since your own life lacks meaning – and you wish to provide for a beautiful Goddess. Maybe you are just a poor pathetic little pervert, with all sorts of twisted little desires that you feel ashamed of and don’t know how to handle. So, you’ve come to gawk at pictures and be envious that you are not the pathetic little slave underneath My feet.

I have been dominating pathetic little boys like you for quite some time. I take pleasure in laughing at you, forcing you to give Me your cash, and making you clean My bathroom floor while wearing a pretty little maid’s outfit.

On this site I have been kind enough to give your pathetic little self, a taste of what My world is like. While I prefer to be served in person, I do have a bit of room in My Palace for more mindless little drones and worker bees such as yourself. I share Myself with you, therefore you should feel obligated to return the favor, now shouldn’t you? Send Me an email at and humbly offer yourself to Me!!