fIXE Party in NYC 3/16!

Tomorrow night I’ll be getting out the whips, paddles, and floggers as the special guest Domina at the next fIXE party in Manhattan!  NYC and surrounding area boys, this is a great way to meet and serve Me in person. If you can’t handle a session with Me, you can be of service in another way, perhaps as a piece of human furniture for Me, or serve as My own personal masseuse for the evening.

Click here for more info on the event!  As I am a Hostess of the night, that means if you drop MY name at the door when you arrive, you’ll get $5 off the cover!  (Which you can then use to buy Me a drink.)  Hahaha.


Providence Footnight!

I am both pleased and honored to announce that I have taken over the torch as the Hostess of Footnight New England!!  It’s been years since these parties have been running, and a great number of both men and women have approached Me asking to run a new party.  And so, it is with great delight that I announce our first party of 2017 – in Providence, RI on 4/19!!

Visit this site for more details, and come on out to play!! 🙂

Viva Las Vegas!

Greetings, bitches.
I’m writing this from the comfort of My king size bed in the middle of the fabulous LUXOR resort – where I’ve been wanting to stay since the first time I visited Las Vegas back in 2006. Gotta say it was worth the wait! This place is fucking awesome – there’s even a TACOS & TEQUILA restaurant downstairs!

It’s been quite the whirlwind of a time here in Vegas for the last month, starting off with AVN. The Fetish presence at this behemoth of an expo grows larger with every passing year – We even had our own Fetish corner and Dungeon this year — appropriately dubbed, “The Lair”. There was a huge FemDom party put on by Goddesses Alexandra Snow and Ceara Lynch that I saw soooo many of My wonderful friends at. It was by far one of the most fun FemDom parties I’ve ever been to. There were lots of great photos taken (check My Twitter for some of them soon)

After that craziness, My pup Precious came out to visit Me for a few days – W/we stayed a little bit off the strip in a beautiful, luxuriously spacious home, and then went to see Britney!! pup paid for such wonderful tickets; Britney was right in front of U/us several times! It was such great fun, and I was very pleased to see a fair amount of BDSM flavor in Her show, including having all of Her male gogo dancers in leather fetish harnesses, Her walking a male audience member on a leash like a dog onstage, and of course the performance of “Lace and Leather” during the “Circus” act of the show. She performed all of My favorites and more! pup went to get Me a vodka cranberry, and came back with giant Britney cups that were O/ours to keep. Hell yeah! At the end of the show I had to pee badly, so I brought his cup into the bathroom and filled it up to give him a tasty treat. It was so close to full it almost spilled on My hand, lol. This made him very happy!

The very next night W/we were off to LA for the 2017 FOOTNIGHT AWARDS!! Earlier in the year I’d be very saddened because the original date for the party was the week before I’d be out West – the weekend I was to play FREAKFEST 8 in Providence with My metal band! There was just no way I’d have made it… but luck shined on Me as the date got pushed forward by 2 weeks due to a problem with the original venue. So, although this disappointed many of the other models and attendees, I was ecstatic! This meant I could attend! My heart leapt with joy. It was also such great luck that it fell on the week that pup was visiting, because that meant I could take a nice, comfortable drive over to LA, instead of jumping on a long bus ride, which is what I would have done otherwise. pup and I enjoyed the ride out there immensely – W/we’re used to driving back and forth from Boston to NYC, so the distance was similar, but boy was the experience nicer! It was such an easy drive, I couldn’t believe it.

Before heading to FN, pup brought Me over to see My Italian ballbusting bitch, Andrea Dipre. you may remember when I did videos with him in the past. he’s quite the character. It was fun getting to crush his balls again, he can really take it!

Footnight was excellent, and 2 of My friends, Madam Raven Rae, and Asia Perez won awards for being awesome. 🙂 I didn’t make any deep connections at this party, but I did get to talk to Steve Savage about My upcoming plans to host the very first FOOTNIGHT in PROVIDENCE! Very excited to post more info on that as it develops – it will be in APRIL – so stay tuned!

After this, it was right back to Vegas. pup is the best chauffeur. While I could barely keep Myself awake, he drove through the night with ease while I rested. Slept in that day! 🙂 he made breakfast for Me and then W/we went off for a relaxing day at the spa. The next day, W/we stopped in at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, had a great view, and an even greater brunch!! I had the eggs benny with chorizo. Goddamn, was it good! pup had the stuffed french toast, which I couldn’t resist sampling, and it too, amazing. W/we then went with some friends from back in Massachusetts to Red Rock Canyon. One of My favorite spots in Nevada! I was disappointed to see snow covering a lot of the glorious mountainside and obscuring some of it’s normal red beauty, but it was breathtaking regardless, and My friends, who hadn’t been there before, enjoyed it a lot.

Had to get My annual “shiny shoes” shopping done, as has been My tradition for the last several years – to get a least ONE new pair of pretty, sparkly shoes from Vegas each winter. pup treated Me to not one but two new pairs, and got a great deal on them too!

I then to spend some more time with friends, and then chillax with some time to Myself, so I could focus on revamping the website and updating some of My other info online. While I was at AVN, I stopped by a couple of the video and camming booths, and was inspired to open new accounts with them. So, I’m pleased to announce I’ll be putting up new videos soon, and I’ll also be doing cam sessions again! Stay tuned for that info as well.

It’s almost time to go back East and continue My search for My new Dungeon space, but before I do, I’ll be meeting with Dipre again for ANOTHER ballbusting session (he just can’t get enough!! hahaha) with the beautiful and awesome Jolene Hexx. Keep an eye out for this video and the earlier one from LA, soon!! \m/

Until next time…… farewell, minions. 😉

your Sadistic Princess

My weekend, and a new image for you to Worship.

Last week I visited one of My favorite shooting locations, a beautiful garden cemetary near Boston.  My grandparents are buried there, and I visit every year. I also shoot there every year, and as soon as I saw the leaves falling this year, I knew it was time to go back.

I had many photos taken and a couple short video clips as well.  I decided to share one of My favorite pictures with you.   I want you to put this photo on your desktop so that you can stare at My loveliness EVERY day.  I must say this picture is amazing and you’d be silly NOT to put it somewhere you can see it at all times!

you’re welcome.  (Even though you don’t deserve it.)

On Friday, I had an amazing fuckin’ getaway – I will save the delicious details of that for another post if you pathetic little bitches are lucky… an awesome new photo AND a steamy hot SEX story is way too much to give you in one post for free, so you’ll have to wait.

Let’s talk about Saturday.   My day started quite well since I was afterglowing from My wonderful evening the night before.   However, later in the evening I had to deal with some major fucking annoyance from one of My collared pets, Cykros.   He was 32 fucking minutes late picking Me up before an important time deadline.  I stood outside pacing around becoming increasingly furious.  LUCKILY it wasn’t completely freezing out, so I wasn’t that cold.

Cykros is either very reliable, or a complete fucking flake – and this was one of his flake days.   When he finally arrived, he looked very nervous as I glared at him before unleashing complete verbal assault.  It’s not hard to be somewhere at an agreed upon time, ESPECIALLY when you have nothing else in your day that you’re doing.

I chastised him on the way back home, and then became silent as I decided what I’d do to him once we got back.  I was seething, so it wasn’t hard to think of a punishment.

As soon as he shut the door behind him, I threw him against the door, making sure to enjoy the stunned expression on his face, right before I kneed him in the nuts as hard as I could.   he promptly crumpled to the ground with an  “ughgh!” sound, and I told him to wait on the fucking floor.

I went upstairs and retrieved My riding crop.   When I got back downstairs he was still curled up on the floor. I instructed him to lay face down.  “Now then.  You were 32 fucking minutes late today.  That means, you’re getting 32 fucking lashings!!  Understand?”

I didn’t wait for him to answer – I pulled his jacket and shirt over his head and began to hit him immediately.  I watched his back turn red with marks instantly as I gave him 8 fast blows.   I paused for a second and then continued on his rear end, using all of My force and anger to beat him.   He let out a few very satisfying yelps which led up to screams.   I got to 16 before pausing for another moment.

“Look at you on the floor crying like a baby.  I’m only halfway done!”  I seethed at him.   I once again told him I didn’t appreciate being left standing on the street by Myself for over a half hour, and there was no excuse for what he’d done.   “You ready for more??”

yes.. yes Mistress…” he gulped after a few moments of silence.

I began to hit him again, this time moving all the way down to his thighs, and he really began to scream then!  hahaha.  It was rather delightful.   Somewhere along the way, the top of the riding crop began to tear away and unravel from the post.  I’d had this crop for quite a number of years and was surprised it was now unraveling as I beat this stupid fucker.

I counted aloud as I finished… “Twenty SIX, twenty seven…twenty eight, twenty nine……..THIRTY,  THIRTY ONE… THIRTY TWO.”

I shoved the broken crop in his face.   “Look what you made me do, I’ve ruined My crop.   you know you’re going to have to buy Me another one now!!”   I threw it at him and instructed him to remain on the floor until I was changed and ready to go back out again.

He sniffled and cried on the floor while I got changed.  When I was ready to leave, I pulled him up by his collar and said, “Let’s go.”

He cried for a good 20 more minutes in the car ride, but at the end of it all, he thanked Me for holding him to “such high standards”.

I expect nothing less from My servants.

If you serve Me, you will do it well.   Understand?

That will be enough story telling for this evening.  I’ll be posting again soon.  I expect you to be completing your assignments of link clicking,  I noticed some of you are slacking,  DO YOUR FUCKING PART!!!

losers (like you) provide entertainment and money.

Did some Double Domme sessions with My friend Mistress Deana over the weekend. First we had a naughty judge with a secretary fantasy… he’s a married man so he was quite nervous! I think he almost peed his pants when We both cornered him so he couldn’t move and then whispered in ear about all the things We’d do to him if he didn’t hand over his wallet… xD

Then We had a nice GS session with Dan, who loves to drink pee.  I don’t do GS very often, but he offered the right amount of tribute. (The right amount of tribute, since you’re wondering with that little pea brain, was $400.)  I sprayed it in his face… he enjoyed it and begged Me to come back and see him again ASAP.   lol!

I was a little dissapointed I didn’t get to BEAT anyone this weekend, as I have some pent-up agression due to some stupid web stuff that has to be organized… but hopefully I’ll be able to get out My anger soon enough.

Also had a fun half hour session with a pathetic little worm named John.  He came to visit Mistress Taiana and I.  We stripped him naked, threw him on the floor and I pressed My soles into his face.  Taiana whipped him with Her belt and I shoved My smelly socks into his mouth while he played with his pathetically small, utterly USELESS little pindick, while We made him scream “I have a small dick!” over and over, for Our amusement. 🙂

At the end of our session we let him kiss Our perfect asses, and he left a happy little piglet, with a MUCH lighter wallet.

This weekend is sure to bring more adventures and excitement; I can hardly wait!

By the way, you worms are expected to complete your orders, go to the  tasks page and do it NOW.  Also, you should register yourself on this site so that you can reply to My awesome blog posts.   I command you to register and show Me some fucking appreciation NOW!!!!


Watch a R/T session RIGHT NOW on My webcam

I’m going to subject one of My LOSER PIGS to some torment right now and I thought it’d be fun to turn My public CAM on while I do it. hahaha.
if you’re reading this now, THAT MEANS YOU CAN WATCH,
aren’t I giving you all a special treat tonight!!

click on ALL of My vote links when you are there (open them in a new window to make it easy.) to show your appreciation of what I’m doing for you ~ I WILL check and make sure it’s been done, and it will directly affect My chances of repeating this privilege in the future!!! Go ahead and squeal with delight now, pigs! Enjoy the show!


Hey losers. Today’s your lucky day.

I have now added info on how to get a live webcam session with Me, since a lot of you have been asking.  As many of you know, I’ve been a webcam Goddess for almost a decade, and you have seen and followed My cam site before the creation of this one.

For those of you new to My world, I welcome you and invite you to probe deeper below the surface ~ you’ll soon find just how incredibly fuckin’ AMAZING I am.  ^.^

I am booking cam sessions for next week. Do not hesitate.  My time is limited and if you want a session, you must email Me immediately.

See the “cam sessions” section of the “sessions” page for instructions, FOLLOW THEM, and contact Me once you’re in.  and don’t fuck it up, it’s pretty fuckin simple!