Always check My travel schedule before asking for an in-person session.  Save both of us time by seeing if I’m even in the area first.
-DO NOT ask for a session same day/next day. I am not your personal call girl ready to drop everything to cater to your needs. If you’re looking for instant gratification, go find it on Craigslist.  There is an application process if you want to serve Me in any capacity. My life is on a schedule. If you want to be included in that schedule, you must do it in advance and respect My time.

-Rarely do I accept random session requests from those who have not already made themselves known through other means.  Meet & Greet first, otherwise Tribute, call on Niteflirt, or otherwise make yourself known before you ask to meet Me in person. RESPECT MY TIME and the fact that I have many more things going on in My busy life than you could ever fathom. Also understand that the vast majority of the time, I only session with those who have shown their devotion by means of online tribute, purchasing My videos, joining My OnlyFans page, etc. This is not My job.  I am a lifestyle Domina – IF I session with you, it’s because I like you and you’ve shown that you’re chill.  If you’re a disgusting creep you very likely won’t ever be in My sacred Presence.

Moving on……

R/T Private sessions are done on a VERY SELECT BASIS for respectful submissives only. (I happen to like nerdy types as well….)

My style of Domination ranges from laid back/sensual, to cruel and severe. With the latter, be prepared to hear a lot of laughter. I love to laugh and giggle as I torment you. 🙂  With a lot of My foot sessions, I like to go casual.  Tell Me what you prefer in the session.

Kink/session interests:
-Being worshipped as a Deity
-Corporal Punishment
OTK spanking
-Foot worship
-Ball busting/kicking

-Tickling/tickle torture
-Public Play/Exhibitionism
-Maid Service
-Human Furniture
-Strap on worship (oral only, NO penetration)

These are the ONLY types of sessions I’m offering. Do not ask for things not on this list.

ANY TYPE OF BODY WORSHIP other than My feet.  (The only one who gets to even TOUCH My body is My MAN – of course, if you want to pay to WATCH HIM worship My body while you’re restrained, that can be arranged under a cuckolding session.)
Any type of “shower” or “job”  
– Forced bi

These all fall under “disgusting” and/or NO FUCKING WAY to Me, so do not even bring them up or I’ll block you!!

you can also have a R/T Dungeon session with Me when I am at events – upcoming events are DomCon and fixe parties in NYC.
Another way to session with Me is to meet Me at a foot party!! I attend and event host My own foot parties all over the country and the globe (MA, RI, NYC, LA, Vegas, London, to name a few).  These are great for a first time meeting.

See for the next upcoming foot party.

For private real time sessions, CASH 💰 Tribute is required. A $50 online deposit is required for New clients. This can be done via Amazon, Google Wallet, or Venmo (different email that I will provide).

I’m also available for phone, cam, and online sessions via Niteflirt, Skype, Snapchat. NEW: I also am available to text with you via SextPanther!! If you session with Me on one of these first, this will act the same as a deposit for a realtime session. Please note if you are paying for a Skype, Snapchat or Hangouts chat, you MUST send tribute up front. Gift purchases can NOT be used to pay for session. (Once W/we have established a relationship, you If you prefer to buy a wishlist gift as payment, when the item arrives, I will schedule the session with you and let you enjoy the gift along with Me! I certainly love to do this with new outfits, boots, shoes, lingerie, etc.)

If you’d like to simply spend a day with Me having fun, going out to lunch, going out to a club, etc, day rates are negotiable.

Email Me at Sadistic.Princess.xx AT to inquire, ONLY after you have read through this page multiple times to understand what I do and do not do.  If you email and it’s clear you have not fully read this page I will not respond positively.  you have been warned!