When should you tribute? Often!  All subbies, pay pets, piggies, and minions are expected to tribute BEFORE the first session, and on a regular basis (WITHOUT being reminded) if you are actively serving Me. your joy comes through making Me happy and keeping a smile on My face – therefore it should become second nature and automatic to you to hit that send button every month!  (Or every week, or every day).
Remember that the bigger your tribute, the bigger the burden is taken off your Princess’ shoulders to pay for life expenses. (I’ve still got a 6k car loan to pay off – who wants to take that one away for Me?)

Cash Tributes are always preferred over gifts.  Gifts are nice, of course, but to better serve Me and keep Me happier, contribute directly to My funds and let Me best decide where it goes.

Cash gifts, tributes, and drive-by cash drops can be sent via GiftRocket and Amazon – send to My email: Sadistic.Princess.Xx@gmail.com

Trusted submissives will be given other ways to tribute such as Google Wallet and Venmo. (These are not attached to a different email address) 😊💕

Other gift cards I can always appreciate and use: Hubba Hubba (2 Ellery St, Cambridge MA), Hotels.com, and Speedway gas cards.