Evil but cute.

Based in New England, but traveling often. Appearing next in Providence at “Ruins at the Colosseum” – more info soon!

My Birthday is October 31st – making Me a Halloween baby, and also a proud Scorpio. 🙂 I’ve been a feisty lil’ freak since day 1! 😉   I was made in the 80’s.  (Honestly, I often wish I was made in the 70’s so I could have enjoyed the 80’s more! What an awesome decade!)

I grew up with and have a deep appreciation for retro console systems, like Atari, NES, Genesis, and SNES. After that, I abandoned consoles and got into PC gaming. These days, I’m far too busy for videogames most of the time, but I love to hit Arcades when I find them!

I travel very frequently, for sessions, modeling gigs, events/conventions/expo’s, and with My band.  I love to visit new places so if I like you… I just may come to visit you! ^.^  Always keep an eye on My travel schedule.  If I am traveling, it means I’m booking sessions and modeling work. This is how I’m able to pay for My travel. So, that means you should contribute!

My favorite colors are black, red, and royal purple. Sometimes, I like pastel pink, white, and silver, too!
Colors I hate are: orange, yellow, magenta, lime green. Do not wear these colors in My presence or you will be punished. Do not buy Me anything in these colors unless specifically told otherwise.

For more info on Me and what I like – visit My Twitter page.

you can also get some of My videos on My Clips4Sale store!