About Me

Evil but cute.

GLOBAL GODDESS (Based in New England when home). (Check My travel schedule for details.)

My Birthday is October 31st – making Me a Halloween baby, and also a proud Scorpio. 🙂 Born at the spookiest time of the year, I’ve been a freak since day 1! 😉   I was made in the 80’s.  (Though I often wish I was made in the 70’s so I could have enjoyed the 80’s more…. What an awesome decade!)

I am on the road and in the air every month for modeling gigs, acting work, private sessions, events/conventions/expo’s, and with My metal band.  I love to visit new places so if I like you… I just may come to visit you!  Always keep an eye on My travel schedule!  If I am traveling, it means I’m booking sessions and modeling work in those locations.

My favorite colors are black, red, and royal purple. Sometimes, I like pastel pink, white, and silver, too!
Colors I hate are: orange, yellow, magenta, lime green. Do not wear these colors in My presence or you will be punished. Do not buy Me anything in these colors unless specifically told otherwise.  Since I have fire hair, I can sometimes tolerate very specific items that would be complimentary to My tresses.

My style of Domination ranges from laid back/sensual, to cruel and severe. With the latter, be prepared to hear a lot of laughter. I love to laugh and giggle as I torment you. 🙂   With a lot of My foot sessions, I like to go casual.  Tell Me what you prefer in the session.

Kink/session interests:
-Being worshipped as a Deity
-Corporal Punishment
-Foot worship
-Ball busting/kicking

-Tickling/tickle torture
-Public Play/Exhibitionism
-Maid Service
-Human Furniture

Vanilla interests:
-Music – Music is an important part of My life. I love heavy metal of course, but I also enjoy dance music, classical, some hip hop, and anything else that makes Me feel good!  I am also a go-go dancer at various goth nights in New England where I enjoy getting in some cardio while looking sexy as fuck.  If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you enjoy this in person at one of these events.
-Hiking – I love nature and being in it. I love to travel the world and enjoy nature’s beauty wherever I possibly can.
-Gaming! I grew up with and have a deep appreciation for retro console systems, like Atari, NES, Genesis, and SNES. After that, I abandoned consoles and got into PC gaming. These days, I’m far too busy for videogames most of the time, but I love to hit Arcades when I find them!

For more info on Me and what I like – visit My Twitter page.

you can also get some of My videos on My iWantClips store!

– ANY TYPE OF BODY WORSHIP other than My feet.  (The only one who gets to even TOUCH My body is My MAN – of course, if you want to pay to WATCH HIM worship My body while you’re restrained, that can be arranged under a cuckolding session.)
– Any type of “shower” or “job”  
– Medical
– Pegging
– Forced bi