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Goddess Lilith Domme Latex

I think it’s fairly obvious that I don’t give too much of a fuck about writing in here very frequently lately… but I am planning to change that in the near future.  I also have like 3-4 different website domains for sites I started (this one was for My real life blog originally, then I had one about session interests, then I started to combine the two…)

Eh.  Time to consolidate, and get back into writing a little more.  I enjoy writing on Twitter well enough, so I tend to do it there on a daily basis – but here I have much more room to elaborate.

I’m staying busy with My world travels, and just returned from a tour in the UK/London area.  That was actually My 3rd trip to Europe this year.  I love the UK so much that I am planning on spending an extended amount of time there next year.  So, good news for you Irish boys and those of you residing in the UK.

To celebrate My Birthday Month this year, I am dropping a hot new FEMDOM video EVERY SINGLE DAY in My store: www.GoddessLilithVideos.com – you’d do well to scurry over there and purchase some of them, to please Me and also treat yourself.  I am also accepting Birthday Tributes on this site.  BOOKMARK IT because from now on, that’s going to be the best place to get My videos.

I’ve also got another EXALTED party scheduled for 11/17 – featuring Bella Vendetta, Mistress Zara, and many other special guest Dommes.  Visit http://twitter.com/ExaltedFemDom for more information on New England’s ONLY FemDom Party!!

Until next time….

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